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Pesticide sprayer settled in 149 groups

Pesticide sprayer settled in 149 groups

In the 149 group of farmers in Wu Rongguo, a new type of sprayer is cotton spraying defoliant, this new type of sprayer is air curtain spray rod type pesticide sprayer.
Air curtain spray rod spray pesticide sprayer began this year in the 149 Group trial promotion. At present, the regiment has a total of seven units, the use of this sprayer, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of the foliar spray agent.
The air curtain spray rod type sprayer is high range air assisted pesticide sprayer, its working principle is to diesel powered fan drive and drug pump, high pressure air blower to produce high pressure liquid, and drug pump, fully mixed in the air outlet of the blower, blown cotton leaves. The leaves of positive and negative uniform accounted for medicine, reach the effect of spraying. At the same time in the chest with a jet device, the spraying process, the liquid was mixed with water, make the sprayed liquid evenly, effectively prevent separation and precipitation of medicine and water, ensure the application effect.
Spraying effect from the current perspective, this pesticide sprayer high range, good atomization, high efficiency, daily operating area of 100 to 150 acres, is very popular with growers.

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